Street View revisits Manhattan

Monday, May 12, 2008 at 6:00 PM

In the last couple months, we've brought you 14 new Street View cities. Now we're touching up Manhattan, one of the first locations we launched. The new imagery is more recent; for example, we now have the appropriately-named New Museum in the Bowery in its near-complete state:

We also have sharper images -- check out Times Square:

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or the arch in Washington Square Park:

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And in our new images you can look upward, so now you can fully appreciate Manhattan's many skyscrapers:

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We're also taking this opportunity to test our new face-blurring technology on the busy streets of Manhattan. This effort has been a year in the making -- working at Street View-scale is a tough challenge that required us to advance state-of-the-art automatic face detection, and we continue working hard to improve it as we roll it out for our existing and future imagery. Here are just a couple examples from the bustling streets of Manhattan:

Enjoy the new and improved sights in Street View!